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Post  Damselflies on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:42 pm

I personally don't see why I wouldn't apply for something while I can.
As I currently have my own cod4 server, I do have a pretty big experience with moderating stuff, and I am currently pretty good at it.
(I have/am also admin on many cod4 and cod2 servers, you could therefore easily request information about how well I do my duty.)
I also, for some yet unknown reasons, love little ramdom clans, I dunno why, but I do.
I'd actually like to help this little clan starting, a friendly cod server is always fun, so is an active friendly forum.

Name: Damsel
xFire: dracula633
Age: 16
What could you bring/help to this clan being a Moderator: First of all, I don't want these forums to end up like most of other clan's forum (e.g. *Ing.) which usually end up with a bunch of porn spamming topics, I could therefore prevent that.
Secondly, I would impress people by having a green name.
Third(ly?), I am usually pretty good at getting respected, and am usually not shy to tell other my opinion, I'd therefore do pretty good as a mod.
Finaly, I usually post useful stuff (unless I am seriously bored!) on forums, give usefull tips in game, or enjoy helping newcommers. Smile

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Oh yay 10 posts! Empty Re: Oh yay 10 posts!

Post  Reaper on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:44 pm

Accepted. Congratz.
Brian Rooney (Rolando Sux)

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